Keeping the nation fed

A world pandemic is upon us. Something that seems to be out of Hollywood or fiction but today it’s actually here.  Social distancing and working from home are essential. Apart from keyworkers. Of course the obvious ones are the NHS and all respect and admiration for the job they are doing. But keeping the nation fed is also important.
We are working flat out to respond to the changes in product lines. The vast choice we have been used to have been significantly streamlined with the focus on core lines of sliced bread.
With reports of production significantly up, the demand for packaging has also increased. We Seal machines and seals are used by 95% of the UK’s bread and we are working flat out to keep the bakeries stocked with resealable bread tape.
Richard Hobson our CEO said “Like everyone we’re putting on a brave face. We have plenty of stock and are making regular shipments. A number of staff are self isolating but thankfully we have no one reporting serious symptoms. All admin staff have been working remotely for over a week. I’m so proud of the team and their ability to adapt rapidly.”
A group from We Seal volunteering with the Make it Wild organisation in North Yorkshire. The group are standing in a wild meadow surrounded by trees

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are fiercely committed to sustainability at We Seal, passionate about minimising our environmental impact and ultimately working towards becoming carbon neutral. We’re going about this in a number of different ways…

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