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Our Seals:
Resealable, recyclable, future-proofed

Bag seals have come a long way since single-use PVC “butcher’s” tape that needed snipping open with scissors…

Inspired by decades of product sealing, production experience and research & development – our innovative, resealable polypropylene seals will truly future-proof your bag sealing operation. 

Using 80% less raw materials than a rigid plastic clip, our seals are 100% recyclable. 

Compatible with both paper and polythene bags, they are make sealing safer, cleaner and greener worldwide. 

Polythene bread bag with tape seal showing We Seal branding and QR code

Resealable bag closures that your consumers will love

World class innovation facilitated by world class technology.

Our seals are designed and manufactured to the highest standard by our team at We Seal HQ in the UK. We have invested significantly in specialist machinery so we can carry out every step of the production process, and our knowledge and expertise in this field is second to none.

Bringing the process in-house means peace of mind for our customers in a constantly changing landscape where confidence in supply chains is scarce. 

We are proud to be an exception to the rule and to provide the assurance your production lines demand.  

Seal and reseal more times than you’ll ever need

For ease and convenience, our innovative seals are designed with a strong, food-grade adhesive that locks in product freshness and a tapered non-adhesive segment for easy open. This means your bag can be opened and resealed 50+ times without ever damaging the packaging.

Traceability assured  

Our seals can be thermally printed with a variety of essential data to enhance traceability and food safety. This includes batch codes, origin codes, sell by and best before dates as well as QR codes and logos. 

Safe and secure

Despite making a virtually airtight seal, our seals are 100% safe. So, in the unlikely event of being swallowed by pets or children, they will harmlessly pass through the system – causing no damage. It seems odd that people may swallow seals but accidents happen and other types of seals and closures made of metal or rigid plastic have well documented problems when they get stuck in the bowel.

Made for high-speed production

To meet the requirements of high-speed production lines, our seals are designed to resist stretching and mis-shaping running at up to 65 seals per minute on our robust and reliable sealing machines. 

100% recyclable.
100% responsible.

Despite being small in size, our seals are having a global impact in the fight against excessive plastic use. As part of our commitment to a greener future, we have developed seals which are 100% recyclable. The seals themselves use 80% less raw material than rigid plastic clips which means that less plastic is
being used to deliver sealed-in food freshness. It also means reduced transportation costs and storage requirements, saving precious resources.

We actively champion consumer polythene recycling and have developed
our own website to advise consumers on how to best recycle bread bags
and seals.

In summary - why taped seals?



A tight, easily resealable seal keeps food fresher for longer – saving consumers money and reducing global food waste



Our innovative adhesive creates a seal that can be sealed and resealed up to 50 times - without damaging the packaging



100% recyclable - simply attach to the bag and return to supermarket plastic bag collection points



Designed without metal or rigid plastic, our seals are safer for your family, with no sharp edges.



Our tape seals can be thermally-printed to deliver traceability, providing consumers with real-time product information



We Seal products come in a wide range of in-stock colours and options, can be made to bespoke colours and different weights of tape as required. They can also be designed to carry your logo to support your brand



In addition to sealing over 95% of the UKs daily bread, our re-sealable tape seals are the preferred choice of many global food manufacturers and processors

Re-sealable tape sealing: see how we compare

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