Our Seals:
Resealable, recyclable, revolutionary

Bag seals have come a long way since single-use PVC “butcher’s” tape that needed snipping open with scissors! Things are very different now.
Inspired by decades of product sealing and production experience, research and development, our innovative, resealable tape seals are making sealing simpler, safer, cleaner and greener worldwide.

Seal and reseal more times than you’ll ever need

For ease and convenience, our innovative seals are designed with a strong adhesive that locks in product freshness, and a non-adhesive segment for easy open means your bag can be opened and
resealed more times than you’d ever need – for non-stop freshness.

Designed to be individual

We Seal tape is available in a range of colours to reflect your brand or luxury products and can be thermally-printed with best-before dates and coding, to improve process traceability and your brand if required for consumer-facing information. We have a range of most often used colours in stock but can produce bespoke colours too, whatever you want.

Made for high-speed production

To meet the requirements of high-speed production lines, our
seals are designed to resist stretching and mis-shaping running at up to 60 seals per minute. They can also be used in hot, humid or cold working environments – guaranteeing a secure seal in all climates and conditions.

Safe and secure

Despite making a virtually airtight seal, We Seal seals are 100% safe. So, in the unlikely event of the tapes being swallowed by pets or children, they will harmlessly pass through the system – causing no damage. It seems odd that people may swallow seals but accidents happen and other types of seals and closures made of metal or rigid plastic have well documented problems when they get stuck in the bowel.

100% recyclable.
100% responsible.

Despite being small in size, our seals are having a global impact in the fight against plastics. As part of our commitment to a greener future, we have developed seals from 100% recyclable polypropylene. When attached to a bread or produce poly bag, these can be easily recycled, without compromising the recyclability of the bag. The seals themselves are one fifth the mass of rigid plastic clips which means that less plastic is being used to deliver sealed-in food freshness. It also means less plastic to transport and store which saves precious resources too.

We actively champion consumer polythene recycling and have developed our own website to advise consumers on how to best recycle bread bags and seals.

The technical specs

  • Available in 90 x 12mm and 110 x 12mm (depending on the composition of the produce bag used), our seals can seal all types of plastic and paper.
  • Up to 33,000 seals per reel (or spool) means that with the Flexi Sealer running at 60 seals per minute, each spool provides 9 hours of continuous sealing significantly reducing downtime.
  • With no metal in the process, there is no need for an in-line metal detection stage. Your metal detection can be placed further down the line once the pack is tightly sealed, improving safety further.
  • All our seals can be thermally-printed, removing the need for ink on the food production line and creating a hygienic sealing solution.

Why taped seals?



A tight, easily resealable seal keeps food fresher for longer – saving consumers money and reducing global food waste



Our innovative adhesive creates a seal that can be sealed and resealed up to 50 times - without damaging the packaging



When used with polythene bags our seals are 100% recyclable



Designed without metal, our seals are safe for pets and children and don’t pose a choke hazard



Our tape seals can be thermally-printed to deliver traceability, providing consumers with real-time product information



We Seal products come in a wide range of in-stock colours and options, can be made to bespoke colours and different weights of tape as required. They can also be designed to carry your logo to support your brand



We Seal re-sealable tape seals are the preferred choice of many global food manufacturers and processors

Re-sealable tape sealing: see how we compare

Re-sealable tape sealing: see how we compare

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