An innovative bag sealing system for every bakery and produce business

Probably the world’s most
reliable bag sealing machine

Sealing is a key to the bread manufacturing process, as it maintains the freshness, quality and hygiene of the end product, improves traceability, and makes life simpler for consumers. That’s a big responsibility for a small seal.
To guarantee consistent quality, reliability and performance, we designed and engineered our own line of innovative tape sealing machines. Today, they’re used by 95% of the UK’s bakeries and trusted worldwide.
It’s not just bread – our machines are used in a wide variety of produce packaging including fruit and vegetables, chilled and frozen meats as well as confectionery. The machines ability to adapt for a wide range of products makes it a highly sought after solution.

Two innovative sealers. Non-stop performance.

Flexi Plus

A fully automatic bag sealing machine that seals up to 60 bags per minute with 33,000 seals per spool – giving you 9 hours continuous runtime before the spool needs changing. Ideally suited to larger, high-volume bakeries and production lines it works inline or standalone with a conveyor belt.

Professional sealer

A fully automated bag sealer that seals up to 30 seals per minute. Perfect for growing businesses

TS3-EP bag sealer

A manual bag sealer that seals up to 10 bags per minute. Designed for bagging a range of fresh, chilled and frozen produce, with built-in electronic printer that delivers intelligent dating capabilities, for maximum traceability
Each of these best-in-class machines is available with resealable recyclable tapes, a professional installation and call out service, and a flexible financial package.

30 years in the making

We Seal sealing machines weren’t developed overnight. Our research and development team have been continually improving our designs for over three decades, to meet the needs of high-speed food production and reflect changes in health and safety.

A History of Innovative Bag Sealing Machine Design

A History of Innovative Bag Sealing Machine Design