Unwrapping Sustainability: Eco-friendly Bread Packaging Solutions

We Seal CEO Richard Hobson makes a guest appearance on Future Food Cast

We Seal CEO Richard Hobson was invited to appear on US podcast Future Food Cast to discuss the company’s innovative approach to providing a sustainable solution for sealing bread bags. 

Richard has over 30 years of invaluable experience in pioneering eco-friendly sealing technology and is the driving force behind the UK using resealable, recyclable tape closures on more than 95% of mass-produced bread.  

Here are some of the highlights of Richard’s conversation with host Pam Leinmiller:

🌟 Shining a Light on the Importance of sealing: Bag sealing is a game-changer in food preservation and waste reduction, and vital for maintaining product integrity.

💡 Innovation in Sealing Technology: We Seal’s self-adhesive resealable tape is revolutionary compared to traditional sealing methods, prioritising consumer convenience and prolonged product freshness.

Why consumers love We Seal

🌱 Sustainability at its Core: We Seal walks the talk on sustainability, crafting their product from recycled materials and championing a circular economy through reusability and recyclability.

📚 Consumer Education Matters: Educating consumers about the benefits of innovative sealing methods is key, even amidst resistance—shifting habits and perceptions is a journey worth undertaking.

🌎 Market Expansion Goals: With eyes set on the North American market, We Seal is poised to meet consumer needs and amplify its impact in the largest market for packaged bread.

⚖️ Balancing Profitability & Sustainability: We Seal strikes a harmonious balance between business success and environmental stewardship, taking tangible steps like tree planting to offset emissions.

🌟 Overall, the episode delves into the dynamic nexus of technology, sustainability, and consumer behavior, spotlighting We Seal’s pioneering solutions to industry challenges.

A group from We Seal volunteering with the Make it Wild organisation in North Yorkshire. The group are standing in a wild meadow surrounded by trees

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are fiercely committed to sustainability at We Seal, passionate about minimising our environmental impact and ultimately working towards becoming carbon neutral. We’re going about this in a number of different ways…

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