Bad recycling habits – and how to break them

recycling bins organised by material, with consumers recycling used packaging

Recycling is a wonderful thing; if it’s done correctly. But many well-meaning people may unwittingly be contributing to the waste crisis by following some bad recycling habits. Tips from a sustainability & recycling expert could hold the key…

We Seal’s CEO to speak at IBIE in Las Vegas, September 2022

CEO of We Seal, Richard Hobson

With over 30 years’ experience in the bakery packaging sector, Richard will share his insights on sustainability, the role recyclable plastic can play in reducing food waste, and how to implement meaningful, individual responses to combat climate change.

We Seal launches engineer training course

engineers working on a We Seal bag sealing machine

Unexpected down-time and expensive call-out fees disrupting your production line? Equip your engineers with the skills to deal with the vast majority of mechanical issues on-site with an engineer training course at We Seal’s purpose-built training facility.

When Things Go Wrong

Keeping the production line running is a number one priority for most bakeries. Stop time costs money, it’s annoying, frustrating and whilst it’s to be expected at times, what do you do….