Recycling the Aussie Way

Recycling for the benefit of the planet is of course a global challenge. Different countries come up with different solutions and it’s always a good idea to learn from each other rather then re-inventing the wheel! On a recent visit to Australia we saw for ourselves how REDCycle are getting the message across to consumers. And it’s wonderfully simple!

Do the scrunch test

They use simple visual references as to what you can and can’t recycle too and look what’s at the top of the list! We love this
And what you can’t recycle via the widely accessible REDCycle bins. But that doesn’t mean the rest is landfill because like here there are also roadside/council collections.
So while we were in Australia, talking to the recycling organisations, we took the opportunity to do a bit of British recycling too.
You can see more details about Australia and REDCycle here

Keeping the nation fed

A world pandemic is upon us. Something that seems to be out of Hollywood or fiction but today it’s actually here. Social distancing and working from home are essential.

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