A huge thank you!

An update from our CEO, Richard Hobson:
In light of the recent developments globally, We Seal is busy supporting the demand of bakeries to supply enough bread to feed the nation. As a staple product in most people’s diets, the demand for it has understandably increased.
In the UK, bagged bread is mostly sealed with a resealable seal so the bread stays fresher for longer. Now we all have to stay home and only shop when absolutely essential, keeping your bread fresher for longer is invaluable.
With bread sales reportedly up by as much as 30-50%, We Seal is increasing its tape manufacturing to cater for this. Our team normally works 24/7 but they really are doing an amazing job right now and we are very proud of their continued efforts.
With this increased demand, it’s also important to ensure that our customers bag sealing machinery stays operational. We have therefore set aside machines that can be lent out in case older machinery cannot cope with the increased production. We’re doing everything we can to keep bakeries going and support our key workers.
We Seal’s team of engineers are working hard to ensure this happens. It’s not easy for them at the moment. They often have to stay away overnight to reach distant locations within the UK, which is challenging when many hotels are closed alongside local restaurants which would usually be their way of living ‘on the road’.
We’re doing our best to support and protect the health of our team and we’d like to say a massive thanks to them all for their continued dedication and hard work while we continue to serve our customers at this time of need.
A group from We Seal volunteering with the Make it Wild organisation in North Yorkshire. The group are standing in a wild meadow surrounded by trees

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