Keeping 12 million UK loaves fresh every day

How many times a day does the average family open and close a loaf of bread? From a slice of toast in the morning to a sandwich at lunch, a quick slice in the evening or a late night snack, bread is part of our food DNA and not just in the UK but worldwide. Food waste has a huge impact on climate change and anything we can do to reduce food waste can only be good. And that’s where the re-sealable tape on the bread bag becomes the ideal solution.
If we can keep the consumers bread fresh for longer, then it has a far greater chance of being eaten than being thrown away. Bag sealing has a significant role to play in keeping the much-loved loaf fresh for as long as possible so that consumers can enjoy every slice and of course that also makes for money saving too!
In the UK 95% of bread bags are sealed with the re-sealable tape seal but in many other areas around the globe the tape seal has a bad reputation. We’re on a mission to dispel these myths and show the world just why the re-sealable tape is the best choice for the bakery industry and the consumer.

Tape seal is easy to open again and again

In countries like USA and Australia, a common concern we encounter amongst consumers is that the tape is difficult to open, can’t be used to re-seal the bag and can even damage the bag, all of which compromise freshness and longevity of the contents. This is because the seal they are familiar with is what we call  the ‘butcher’s tape’, which is designed for a single use, has no opening mechanism, and usually results in the end user resorting to scissors or tearing the bag to remove it. So it’s not surprising they feel this way.
In contrast, our tape seal is purpose designed for multiple uses, so it is very easy to open and reseal. Adhesive-free areas of tape directly above the seal enable the end user to readily open and reseal the bag as many times as required without damaging the packaging keeping the contents fresh and reducing the chances of uneaten bread being thrown away.

Tape Seal is the robust bag sealing solution

The adhesive tape used to create our seals ensures that the seal will withstand repeated opening and closing. In fact, testing shows that We Seal tape seals can be resealed over 100 times without losing integrity, strength or adhesion. This makes it the ideal solution for ensuring your bag seal can survive the daily onslaught of multiple opening and closing when it reaches consumers’ homes. And it’s not just our tape that’s robust, our tape sealing machine used in all of the top 6 largest UK bakeries, are running 24/7 at a rate of 60+.
We’re going to Las Vegas in September to IBIE where we’ll be on our mission! We love bread, and we want consumers to be able to enjoy every slice in their loaf, from morning until night. Get in touch and find out how you can help them do just that.
A group from We Seal volunteering with the Make it Wild organisation in North Yorkshire. The group are standing in a wild meadow surrounded by trees

Our Commitment to Sustainability

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