We Seal is delighted to be able to continue providing its sealing solutions to bread brand Hovis as the business invests almost £1m in new equipment.

Over the past 12 months Hovis, which delivers around 1.3m loaves of bread every day throughout the UK and Ireland, has invested in 19 We Seal machines. This means that the business is now running 45 Flexi-Plus bag sealers after committing last year to a renewal program that saw 25% of its machines replaced by the end of summer 2018.
One of the best-known bakery brands in the UK, Hovis has supplied consumers with its popular products for over 130 years, and currently employs around 3,000 members of staff across its flour mill, three regional distribution centres and eight bakeries across the country.
Simple to operate and maintain, We Seal state of the art fully-automated Flexi-Plus bagsealer is the bag sealing machine of choice for food processors across the globe, with a maximum sealing speed of up to 70 packs per minute.
Richard Hobson, We Seal Managing Director, comments: “As a market leader in bag sealing technology, we’re pleased to be able to help Hovis maintain its commitment to quality. Our Flexi-Plus bagsealers are proven to help minimise downtime and deliver genuine cost efficiencies due to their reliability and low maintenance, and they also benefit from one of the easiest to use operator interfaces available for system diagnostics and machine running status.
“Hovis not only takes advantage of We Seals extensive technical help, but also one of our service contracts. This includes proactive preventative maintenance programmes for our bag sealing machines, which can be tailored to any and all organisation and production schedules, as well as on-site service engineer support.”
For more information about how we can help you achieve efficiencies through our machinery, technical support and service contracts, get in touch.
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