Baked by Henllan Sealed by We Seal

Recently we installed some new machines into Henllan Bakery in Wales. Henllan have been sealing the We Seal way day in day out for many years but their old machines were definitely ready for retirement.
Our team went in to remove the old machines and set up the new machines with as little down time as possible. Within the day they were back up and running with the first of the new machines.
Tom one of the Directors at Henllan reported back that “Our old sealing machines had given us two decades of good service but the time had come to introduce the new 2020 sealing machines. The new sealers are working great and its been a weight lifted off our shoulders thinking that the old ones might break down. These new sealers will bring reliability and longevity as well as the ability to use We Seal’s recyclable tape as we continue with our environmental approach to baking. Our customers have already commented how much better the seals are too”
A group from We Seal volunteering with the Make it Wild organisation in North Yorkshire. The group are standing in a wild meadow surrounded by trees

Our Commitment to Sustainability

We are fiercely committed to sustainability at We Seal, passionate about minimising our environmental impact and ultimately working towards becoming carbon neutral. We’re going about this in a number of different ways…

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