Why is 95% of UK bread sealed the We Seal way?
We Seal closures are better because they’re…
Greener for the planet
Safer for your consumers
100% Recyclable
Reducing food waste
Cost effective
Easier to recycle
We Seal tape closures are just the better way to seal your bread bags for your business, your consumer and the planet.

What’s most important to your company now?

Who are We Seal?

We are the resealable recyclable bag seal experts who already seal 95% of the UK’s bagged bread. What’s so different about We Seal compared to what you already use in your bakery?


It’s less than 1% of your total bread bag packaging and is 100% recyclable. It also contains 30% recyclate plastic as standard. We even produce paper closures too. Our closure uses 80% less raw plastic than a standard plastic clip. It costs less to produce, weighs less to transport and takes up less storage space in the warehouse or bakery.

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Totally recyclable

Our closure is 100% recyclable with the polythene bread bag. It can stick to the bread bag and be recycled with it. No special collecting needed or recycling it separately. Your consumers have to think less about how to recycle and the planet benefits. We don’t hide behind vague or technical words to describe our closure’s recyclability. It just IS recyclable.

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keeping your bread fresher for longer and reducing food waste. The tape seal is resealable more than 50x so it will carry on resealing until after the bread is used up.

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Safer for your consumers…

… because people and their pets make mistakes! If swallowed, the We Seal closure passes harmlessly through the body. It was following the tragic death of a child from swallowing a plastic clip that the UK turned to the We Seal way.

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More reliable

The machines that apply the We Seal closure are built to be robust and reliable and run 24/7.

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More cost effective

We have 2 machines to choose from depending on your volume output of bread. When we work out your usage requirements we can easily demonstrate a ROI typically within 2 years. Call us to find our more +44 113 250 5881 or email us.